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July 27, 2012
Moving to Dublin!

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URL.ie is in the process of being moved to Dublin. During this time, all shortened URLs should still resolve as normal. Unless your network/ISP is caching DNS, you should be able to create short URLs as normal, as well.

If your ISP is caching DNS (longer than it should be), then you will be forwarded to new.url.ie for a short period (the duration of which is determined by your ISP). This is a temporary measure to offer a workaround for users on ISPs that have abnormal DNS policies, and will be retired in a few days.

This post will be updated as the various stages of the move are completed.

Update 1 [31st Jul, 3.36PM BST]: We’re switching to read-only mode, while data is being copied to new server.

Update 1 [31st Jul, 4.09PM BST]: We’ve made the move (to Dublin, Ireland). If your ISP is ignoring DNS settings and is caching the old IP address for URL.ie, you’ll be redirected to new.url.ie (for a day or two only). You should now be able to use URL.ie normally again (even if your ISP is not being nice with DNS). If not, please let us know.

May 25, 2010
Status update on URL.ie accounts

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We’ve been getting quite a few queries about our beta program for URL.ie accounts. As URL.ie is a free web service, paid-work takes precedence. Don’t take that to mean we don’t care, or don’t commit to providing a reliable shortening service 24/7; but it does mean new feature roll-outs can be held up by “real world” work!

We’ve done our testing, and are happy with the whole process. Our stats are using too much resources, however, so we’re battling with what to do here. While we chew on that, we’ll roll out simple stats and accounts for all, with detailed stats disabled for now. Reduced being the just the number of clicks / last click.

As of now, the beta program is closed. We’ll start to roll out “accounts for all” in the next few weeks. We have a bit of work to do on caching before we can flip the switch, but we’re nearly through all that!

May 24, 2010
Hello URLs!

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I’m Cathal, and I’ll be introducing you to news and tips from the crew behind URL.ie over the next while. We’ve implemented some exciting features, and have more to come. Our biggest challenge is bringing new features but to a free service, so we can’t get to everything we’d like to.

Subscribe to the RSS feed for news on latest features, and some usage tips. We’ll also be adding help content for the existing features of URL.ie over the next few weeks, so check back when you can!